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My Family

After I visited the Pauleys in Indiana I traveled down to Nashville, Tennessee and had a lovely lunch with my friend, Mark.

Katrina had hit New Orleans.  There were evacuees all along the highway and there wasn't much on the current news but word of Katrina. I was 500 miles away from New Orleans but still close enough to see the people affected by Katrina.

Texas - August 2005

It's one thing to hear about the devastation of hurricanes from home in Alberta. It's quite another to be in the area at the time and see things first hand. It was very sad.

I started to get sick in Indiana and by the time I got to Texas, I was so sick it was necessary for me to visit the doctor. Bronchitis!! Oh well, some hefty drugs and an extra day in bed and we were on our way. We were on a mission. Lois and I spent a great three days together. We traveled to Galveston and San Antonio.

The Alamo

The Alamo is awesome. The weather was perfect - not too hot and not cold at all.

We went to the Imax theatre and viewed the historical movie about the Alamo prior to going to the Alamo site. I didn't realize that the Alamo was right in the heart of downtown San Antonio.


Lois and I being what we are just couldn't get enough of the stores.  Shopping in San Antonio was fabulous.  I was still pretty sick - but that didn't stop me.

We landed back in Houston laden with goodies much to our delight and Bruce's horror.

Katrina Evacuees

We met some evacuees from New Orleans. With Katrina so fresh in everyone's minds, to meet and talk to some victims was truly an experience. We met this family in a McDonalds and they were making the best of a horrible situation. They lost everything but were looking forward to a new life in Texas. With Rita's attack on Texas shortly afterward, I wonder how this family is fairing.

Lois and Bruce have a beautiful home in Texas. Their three dogs really stole my heart. But really - three big dogs in my little car to go to the carwash? They just had to ride with Auntie!!! Ricky, Lucy and Sadie are truly gems.

I was able to get to Kelowna a few days earlier this year and it was great. As usual, the turkey dinner was the best I've had since last time Mom cooked one.

Christmas - Kelowna 2005

Mom fell and broke her ankle at the Thunder Bay Airport so was hobbling around. Getting there early to do shopping with her was out of the question.

Remember the coffee pot? Mom was supposed to go with me to pick it out - didn't happen. We did manage to drive around and see the Christmas lights though.

It's terrible when you have parents that are computer savvy. I had to book my times on the computer!! The worst part is that I was the one who started them in Pogo - now they have to get 10,000 tokens before their day is over!!!

Lucky for me they go to bed at 9:30 pm.

I was able to spend Christmas with my parents again in Kelowna.  I wasn't able to get there early this year as I was working right up until December 23rd. We were still able to get things done for the dinner and had everything wrapped in time. 

Christmas - Kelowna 2006

Somehow mom and I managed to get some shopping in too. She was redecorating the basement bedroom so we spent some time looking for new bedding and curtains.

There was a lot of snow this year but the weather was still very mild and sunny.   The golf course looked so pretty with the evergreen trees surrounded by snow.

Mom died the following July so I am ever grateful that I have been able to spend so many Christmas holidays with them over the past few years.

Texas - June, 2007

Karen and I stopped overnight at Houston and visited my sister. It was a sad time but also a relief to get to my sisters.  While on the trip my mother was admitted to the hospital. Lois had been keeping me up to speed through text messaging and telephone calls.

Finally, once I was there, I was able to talk to my mother.  The news wasn't good but just being able to talk to her helped me a lot.  A decision had to be made.  Did I need to catch a flight and get home or would I continue with the trip?  My sister was going to Kelowna a few days later, so it was decided that I would continue the trip and go to Kelowna and relieve Lois when I got home.

Karen enjoyed a dip in the pool and Ricky (the dog) joined her.

We visited Luckenbach, Fredericksburg, San Antonio and El Paso and bid Texas farewell as we started to head north towards home.

Texas - December, 2011

In Decmeber, I flew to Texas to spend a couple of days with my sister. We went to Dallas Fort Worth, visited with my nephews and their families. After touring the down town area, we went to the Stockyards where we met Ian and Mandy for dinner at Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant. The restaurant was established in 1935 with a seating capacity of only 16. Now it has seating capacity of over 1,000. Joe T. Garcia's

After dinner, Lois and I went to Billy Bob's Texas to do some honky tonkin'. We took in the bull riding competition and we even rode the bull to get our picture taken- the "stuffed" bull that is. Billy Bob's Texas


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